Protective Underlayments For Removable Ramps

If you would like the option to remove the ramp at a later date, you must first lay down a protective underlayment over the curb surface. We recommend using a durable substrate cut into strips to fit your curb. Below are several options. You will be priming the surface of the membrane (instead of the curb itself) to ensure a good material bond. After you cut and tape the substrate strips to the curb, proceed with the installation steps as outlined in the enclosed instructions – i.e. mix, spread, shape & compress the compound to fill the gap in your driveway curb.

Installing a Drainage Channel

If you plan on installing a drainage channel underneath your ramp, lay the pipe or channel in the middle of the curb gap where water flows naturally. Use construction adhesive to anchor the channel to the curb or substrate (for removable ramps). Then, proceed with installation as usual.

Color Matching

There are several options which can provide a durable protective coating and textured finish to customize the aesthetics of the ramp surface to your liking. If you prefer paint, the finished Curb Ramp can be painted to match your driveway color. While we do not currently endorse nor sell specific brands or products for top coating, numerous customers have reported success using a variety of products available at their local hardware store including beige exterior and garage floor paints. Simply explain to the store paint professional that you are painting an outdoor surface and note that it will need to endure frequent traffic. You can also apply a powdered cement – just sprinkle the concrete dust over the ramp to achieve the desired look. This can be done while the ramp is still drying or at a later time, provided you apply a layer of adhesive first.