Curb Ramp™ | The #1 Driveway Ramp For Low Cars & Steep Driveways

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Curb Ramp™ fills the gap between your driveway and street for a smooth entry and exit. Each kit covers approximately 8 ft on standard rolled curbs. Designed for homeowners with:

  • Lowered cars
  • Steep driveways
  • Deep curb gaps

.. and when ready-made products just don’t fit!

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Most Common Questions

How many kits do I need?

A typical double car driveway entrance 16-18 ft with a standard rolled curb requires approximately two kits.


Can I remove it once installed?

Yes, you can create a removable ramp by using a substrate like this one.


NOTE: For curb-bonded Installations (without a protective substrate), Curb Ramp™ can be removed once installed using a floor scraper, however removing the ramp destroys the bond of the material and thus cannot be reinstalled at a later time. A re-installation would require a new kit.

Curb Ramp™ is a much more permanent solution than pre-made driveway ramps. While ready-made products are more portable, they often don’t fit the gutter shape, are much more expensive and can’t be customized to fit all sized curbs. Curb Ramp™ provides a custom-fit solution with the removable option by simply using a protective substrate.

How does the ramp allow for flow of water?

The finished ramp is semi-porous, which allows for some drainage naturally. To further facilitate street water drainage at the end of your driveway, shape or “feather out” the ends of the ramp to help guide water safely around it. (In other words, don’t make a hard right angle at either end of your ramp..) This prevents the build-up of debris so your driveway entrance remains unobstructed and allows water to easily circumvent your driveway entrance and enter back into the curb channel.



    • Each unit covers approximately 16 sq ft
    • i.e. about 8 feet on standard rolled curbs with a 2 inch center gap
    • Protects car’s undercarriage from scraping and structural damage
    • Reduces wear and tear and extends the lifespan of tires
    • Create a car-friendly incline to fit driveways of any shape, any size
    • Perfect for uneven curbs, driveways, gutters, garages, sidewalks
    • Residential and business applications
    • Universal vehicle application
    • Sloped ends allow for approaches from any direction
  • ALLOWS DRAINAGE: Add a channel underneath for proper water drainage
  • REMOVABLE OPTION: Add a substrate for easy removal
    • Professionally tested in extreme cold, heat and harsh weather
    • Strong enough to support cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, forklifts
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICED: Half the cost of pre-made, non-customizable ramps


  • INCLUDED: Each kit comes with 40 lb premium driveway curb filler and commercial-grade adhesive
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: A trowel for mixing/ spreading and a paint brush for priming

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.6 stars (based on 32 ratings)
The best solution I found

I love my ramp. First, I used a steel plate. It made so much noise every time someone use my driveway as a turn around point and whenever I drove my 911 over it. It’s been down for a year, with some of the worse rain and hottest summer we’ve had in years. It was easy to install. I just ordered another bucket of glue so that I can change the color from black to something close the the color of the sidewalk by putting down the glue and sprinkling light coat of cement over it. I love how easy it is to work with.

Michael┃Oakland, CA
Well worth the investment

This ramp is great! Quality of the finished product is great and you simply cannot beat the price when comparing this ramp to others that cost 10x. I have a low profile car and it comes up and down this ramp with ease. Highly recommend.

Josh┃Spokane, WA
Alternative uses

We have found that Curb Ramp has several other uses. We raise existing sunken flat work like sidewalks that abut an asphalt driveway. Often the owner replaces the driveway then wants us to raise the walk to meet the level of the drive. After the lift, there is a”V” shaped gap between the walk and the driveway. Curb Ramp is a much better filler than cold patch asphalt. We have also been asked to fill in the low spots on an asphalt drive that commonly appear by the lip of the garage floor. Handicap ramps can be constructed with Curb Ramp and you can saw cut small perpendicular groves to give the surface traction. Forest preserves and park districts have inquired about using it to eliminate trip hazards along trail paths. In general small area asphalt repair is faster and cheaper with Curb Ramp.

Darrell┃Carol Stream, IL
Great product and customer service

This is a great product; however we had issues early on with the product flaking up from the curb a bit. We contacted curb ramp. They stood behind their product and sent us a patch kit to fix our curb. We are very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it!

Lori┃Brighton, CO
Great for when you have kids

After looking and looking at premade driveway ramps that would not fit my curb I came across Curb Ramp. I just made my second ramp (I used a metal paint mixer powered by a drill this time) and that made it a lot easier to mix. It is so nice just gliding onto the driveway now, especially when the kid is asleep in the back of the car. The only “issue” is having to remember everyone else does not have a driveway ramp.

Seth┃Littleton, CO

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 12 in