Curb Ramp™ – DIY Driveway Ramp Installation Kit


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Get in and out of your driveway without scraping your car! Eliminate the harsh bump at the driveway curb and save your car’s alignment with the Curb Ramp™ driveway curb ramp kit. Perfect for non-standard curbs where premade ramps don’t fit.

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  • Mix, pour and spread for easy application
  • Click here for info on concrete-colored ramps
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  • Covers 7-8 ft. on most curbs
    • Double car driveways require two+ kits

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  • Create a smooth transition from road to driveway
  • Prevent car damage caused by scraping your curb
  • Fill any size or shape driveway curb gap
  • Covers 7-8 ft. on standard rolled curbs
  • Mix, pour and spread for easy application
  • Make removable by using a substrate
  • Allows for waterflow under with drainage channel
grey-color-curb-ramp-for-driveways (5)
driveway ramp for low cars and steep driveway curbs


    • Each unit covers about 7-8 feet on standard rolled curbs with a 2 inch center gap
    • Protects car’s undercarriage from scraping and structural damage
    • Reduces wear and tear and extends the lifespan of tires
    • Create a car-friendly incline to fit driveways of any shape, any size
    • Perfect for uneven curbs, driveways, gutters, garages, sidewalks
    • Residential and business applications
    • Universal vehicle application
    • Sloped ends for approach from any direction
  • ALLOWS DRAINAGE: Water flows naturally over and around; drainage channel optional
Driveway Ramp - DIY
  • REMOVABLE OPTION: Add a substrate for easy removal
    • Professionally tested in extreme cold, heat and harsh weather
    • Strong enough to support cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, forklifts
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICED: Less expensive than pre-made ramps per coverage

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What’s included in the kit?

  • INCLUDED: Each kit comes with 30 lb premium driveway curb filler and custom binder
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: A trowel for mixing/spreading (drill mixer optional) and a paint brush for priming

Looking for premade ramps? If you want a smooth transition from the road to your driveway, our 4 ft Rubber Curb Ramps can be your solution, whether you have new wheels, a trailer, motorhome or other vehicle. It will prevent bumps, scratches on the underside of your vehicle, and wear and tear on your car’s shock absorbers. They come with concrete bolts to fasten to the curb and connect together easily so you can make any length.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.6 stars

We made it work

Two young engineering students beginning a masters found the product and said it would help solve their problem. I agreed. They seem content with the results, but what I liked was that someone from the company contacted me regarding the delivery address and took some extra time to make inquiries to see if I had ordered enough. I hadn’t, BUT we made it work; the customer service was very good.
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Curb Ramp is a lifesaver for low ride height cars

Curb Ramp is a lifesaver for low ride height cars like mine. I was skeptical of how it would look at first, but it was well worth the investment. I installed it myself and it was a breeze.
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Would recommend hiring a local handyman

My dad injured his back at work. I had some local boys install this ramp to make his car jolt less pulling in and out of the driveway. I can’t stop him from driving himself around, but at least his car won’t bounce around as much and cause him pain. Would recommend hiring reliable kids or a local handyman if you don’t want to install it yourself.
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I’m thinking about turning this into a side business

I go to the same gas station several times a week on my way to work. The main entryway is a disaster! I’m leasing a 2014 Toyota Camry and trying not to mess it up, but my car would scrape on their curb every time. I told the owner I would fix it for $400 and he said ok lol. So I bought a couple boxes of this stuff and went out there one afternoon and laid it down with PVC underneath for drainage. We blocked off that entrance overnight and the next day it had dried and the transition was so much smoother. He said customers have been thanking him for fixing it. I’m thinking about turning this into a side business to make some extra dough on the side!
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it’s easier than I expected and turned out great

Curb Ramp does the job! All you need to do is mix the material and spread it out over the curb and pack it down real good. I was a little intimidated at first but it’s easier than I expected and turned out great. The customer support team is also excellent. I called while installing it and they walked me through the process right then and there.
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It’s a more affordable option for us compared to other rubber ramps we were considering

My wife and I both own low cars, and Curb Ramp has made our driveway entrance much smoother. It’s a more affordable option for us compared to other rubber ramps we were considering, and the installation process was straightforward.
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Holds up well

My neighbor tried filling in their curb with concrete about two years ago and now it’s crumbling all over the place. This stuff looked like it would hold up well and it does!
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Fixing the drop off the driveway installer left

We had our driveway replaced just over a year ago. It was a major endeavor, was quite costly but it looked great. There’s just one problem, the driveway is too tall. There’s a 4″ drop from the driveway to the street.

I looked at having the contractor come back out to fix it but that was costly and might not hold up (due to the narrow side of the cement they would use being prone to crack off). Then I looked at rubber ramps to add to the end of the driveway to fix the problem. That was nearly as expensive. Then I found CurbRamp.

A friend installed it (three boxes) to the end of the driveway and I was amazed at the improvement. The drop off is now gradual over 12″ making the driveway even better. It even made it comfortable for my motorcycle.

I’d recommend CurbRamp to anyone!!!
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Worked great for my sloped driveway

Just moved into my new house and unfortunately with my addictive hobbies for low modified cars, my driveway slope was too aggressive to get in and out without scraping or damaging my my front and rear bumper. I had to resort to wooden ramps I made at home which made it a burden bringing in and out of the garage.

That is until I found I really liked the idea of forming my own ramp since my driveway is at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a awkward conformity where straight ready made ramps would not sit flush or look pleasing. I purchased 3 kits for my driveway as the slope is quite aggressive. Used a moisture/vapor barrier substrate I bought at home depot (in case my HOA wants me to remove it) and 3/4″ pvc pipe for water drainage and installed it within 3 hours (prepping driveway and taking our time) with a friend. It worked out so well! Now I can throw away my make shift ramps and not spend more of my time trying to leave my home. I just ordered another kit to make some areas even with the rest of the ramp. Such a great product and totally pleased!
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I think this is a good option for people with non-standard curbs

This stuff cures pretty fast and when it dries it is very solid almost like a track surface. I used a mixing tub from Home Depot to mix the adhesive with the compound. It worked really well but the drill mix flung some of the contents out and I had to do some cleanup in my garage after. Nothing bad though. I would just say mixing with a trowel might be easier. Or use a deeper bucket if you’re using a drill mix. All in all I think this is a good option for people with non-standard curbs where the premade ramps don’t fit.
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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 12 in