The Problem

Rolled curbs send a jolt through your car when you enter and exit your driveway, causing damage to your tires, steering, exhaust and bumpers.

Car Scrapes On Driveway

The Solution

Curb Ramp™ creates a custom driveway ramp to bridge the gap over your rolled curb, reducing the shock impact and damage to your car from scraping bottom.

Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars


Curb Ramp™ comes in 40 lb units and adjusts to fit around all-sized driveway entrances and rolled curbs.


Similar a running track surface, this DIY curb ramp is built to withstand tough climates and heavy traffic.


Curb Ramp™ can be installed by one person in an hour. Read more: How To Make A Driveway Curb Ramp


This product can also be used as a filler to patch potholes in asphalt or concrete.


Curb Ramp™ is an innovative use of recycled post-consumer products; proudly made in the USA.


Curb Ramp™ prevents bumper scraping, reduces damage to steering and helps increase gas mileage.

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How does Curb Ramp™ compare to other driveway ramps?

Pre-made driveway curb ramps are significantly more expensive for the same coverage and cannot be easily adjusted to fit your curved driveway’s rolled curb. This product can be used as a driveway “curb bridge” where ready-made product simply are not going to work – whether they don’t fit the gutter shape or are too expensive for the desired coverage by volume. Bottom line? Curb Ramp™ saves you hundreds of dollars and offers the flexibility to make a custom ramp to fit the unique shape and size of your driveway entrance.

How do I determine the number of kits required for my driveway?

The amount of material required to fill your curb gutter depends primarily on the width of your driveway and depth of the curb gap. Each unit of Curb Ramp™ covers approximately 1.33 cubic feet. For standard regulation rolled curb gaps, a single kit will cover about 7-9 ft. when spread to slope at a 20°-25° incline over 18-22”. A typical double car driveway at 15-18′ wide with a standard rolled curb of about 4″ tall requires approximately two (2) kits.

For additional information on how much product your driveway needs, see our installation information and check out our latest installation video: How To Make A Removable Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars in which two (2) full kits were installed to cover approximately 16-18 ft of a standard rolled curb driveway entrance.

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How long does it take to install?

Curb Ramp™ can be installed by one person in about an hour. The components are mixed together and will need to dry before you can drive over it. The curation period depends on the moisture and temperature of the curb surface as well as the air temperature and humidity. The material takes less time to cure in hotter temperatures. To be safe, avoid driving over it for 48 hours. Read more: Installation Instructions

How does the ramp allow for flow of water?

The finished ramp is semi-porous, which allows for some drainage already. To further facilitate street water drainage at the end of your driveway, shape or “feather out” the ends of the ramp to help guide water safely around it. This prevents the build-up of debris so your driveway entrance remains unobstructed and allows water to easily circumvent your driveway entrance and enter back into the curb channel. In other words, don’t make a hard right angle at either end of your ramp. If you plan on installing a drainage channel, please refer to this article for more information: How To Install A Drainage Channel Under Your Curb Ramp

How long will it last?

Curb Ramps are highly durable. Depending on the severity and fluctuations of weather, they can last for years without needing any aesthetic and/or structural repairs. The first Curb Ramp was installed 15 years ago and just received some minor aesthetic repairs and a new paint job. That being said, Curb Ramp™ assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project.

Can I remove the ramp once installed?

Yes and no. Curb Ramp™ can be removed once installed using a floor scraper, however removing the ramp destroys the bond of the material and thus cannot be reinstalled at a later time. A re-installation would require a new kit. Curb Ramp™ is a much more permanent solution than pre-made driveway ramps. While ready-made products are more portable, they often don’t fit the gutter shape, are much more expensive and can’t be customized to fit all sized curbs.

How Make Your Curb Ramp ™ Removable:

After you perform a dry run and confirm you have enough material for your particular driveway, lay down a protective layer over the curb surface (so as not to prime the curb surface directly) and tape it down around the edges. We recommend using a durable rubber membrane like a shower pan liner, rubber roofing membrane, pond liner or similar substrate. Next, prime the surface of the membrane to ensure a good material bond to the laid substrate. Then, mix and apply the compound atop the substrate to fill the curb gap as you would normally. After 48 hours, your customized driveway ramp should be dry enough to use. The weight of the material and underlying substrate should provide sufficient stability to keep the ramp in place. Concrete bolts can also be used to fasten the ramp to your curb once the material has cured. If you need to remove the ramp for any reason, you can simply lift it up and move it.

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How can I be sure this will fit my particular driveway curb?

Curb Ramp™ can be spread over any sized driveway with any sized rolled curb gap to fit any slope. If you have questions or a special situation, feel free to contact us and we’ll offer our suggestion.

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