CurbMaster Pro EasyMount Driveway Ramps w/ Reflector – 2 PC

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Protect your car from major damage and avoid expensive repair costs with these heavy duty rubber driveway curb ramps. Features a built-in water channel for street drainage and mounting holes with bolts to secure to the curb.

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  • Included: 2 Rubber Driveway Ramps┃8 ft Coverage
  • Ramp size(s): 48.0’’ x 16.0’’ x 2.6’’/ e
  • Installation: Line up the ramps, drill hole(s) and hammer the bolts in, then tighten with a socket wrench
  • Expansion: Ramps connect together with bolts
      • Expansion pieces sold separately here


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While the product comes equipped with reflective strips, they can be effortlessly painted over, allowing you to achieve an all-black or even concrete-colored look if desired.


Customize Your Look: Easily Paintable for an All-Black or Concrete Aesthetic

driveway-curb-ramps-driveway-ramps-7 (2)
Low car ramp for safe driveway navigation
CurbMaster Pro™ EasyMount Driveway Ramps w Reflector (2)
CurbMaster Pro™ EasyMount Driveway Ramps w Reflector (3)
Heavy-duty car ramp for low car navigation

Curb Ramps For Driveway

For Low Cars, Steep Driveways & Rolled Curbs

Introducing our heavy-duty Rubber Driveway Curb Ramps, designed to protect your car from potential damage and save you from expensive repair costs. Measuring 48.0’’ x 16.0’’ x 2.6’’, this ramp provides the perfect solution for seamlessly transitioning between your driveway and the street. These ramps are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. With a built-in water channel, they effectively manage street drainage, preventing water buildup and potential hazards. The ramps also come with convenient mounting holes and bolts, allowing for secure installation directly onto the curb. The installation process is a breeze: simply line up the ramps, drill hole(s), and secure them in place with the included bolts. Need more length? No problem! Our ramps can easily connect together using the convenient bolt system. Watch Highlight Video

Heavy-duty car ramp for low car navigation

Product Highlights

  • Heavy Duty – Durable, Wear & Waterproof
    • Made from the highest quality rubber, Curb Ramp™ is designed and built to last.
  • Mounting Holes For Anchoring To Curb
    • Secure your ramp to the curb with concrete bolts to ensure stability and prevent theft.
    • Drainage Channel For Waterflow Under
      • Curb Ramp™ allows water flow underneath to facilitate street drainage.
  • Anti-Slip Textured Surface For Better Traction
    • Features a unique ribbed surface for superior tire traction in all weather conditions.
  • Multiple Practical Uses – More Than Just Cars
  • Color options: Comes with reflective strips by default

Easy Installation: Securely Installing Ramps with Concrete Anchors

Driveway Curb Ramp Install - Step 1

Line up the ramps in the desired configuration.

Driveway Curb Ramp Install - Step 2

Use a drill to create hole(s) at the designated points where the ramps overlap.

Driveway Curb Ramp Install - Step 3

Insert the bolts into the holes and secure the bolts by hammering them in gently.

Driveway Curb Ramp Install - Step 4

Tighten the bolts using a socket wrench to ensure a secure and stable connection.

Extendable Driveway Ramp For Steep Curbs

This outdoor threshold car ramp gives access to a lowered car, SUVs, or other vehicles over curbs.


  • Universal Vehicle Application
  • Built-In Drainage Channel For Street Waterflow
  • Non-Slip Surface For Optimal Traction
  • Integrated Holes For Permanent Mounting
  • For Curbs, Driveways, Gutters, Garages, Sidewalks
  • Topcoat Paint Available By Request
Curb Ramps For Cars - Driveway Ramp Set (3)


This solid utility driveway curb ramp is built-to-last and can support up to 22,000 lbs allowing standard vehicles to drive safely over with ease.


The Curb Ramp™ Portable Driveway Ramp features corrugated grooves for superior traction to prevent vehicle slippage.
motorcycle ramp


This convenient car ramp can be used for driveway entrances, garages, loading docks, sidewalks and for better transition for vehicles.



2012 Ford Mustang exiting the steep driveway of a nice suburban home in a culdesac, view from the street


motorcycle ramp




wheelchair ramp


forklift ramp


Curb Ramp - Heavy Duty Rubber Vehicle Ramp For Driveways

  • Ramp Size: 48.0’’x 16.0’’ x 2.6’’
  • Load Capacity: 22,000 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty Construction For Longevity
  • Textured Surface For Superior Traction
  • Integrated Holes For Permanent Mounting
  • For Cars, Trucks, Trailer/RV, Motorcycles, Wheelchairs & Forklifts

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Looking for more? Check out our 8 ft Driveway Curb Ramp Set (2 PC) featuring tapered ends for smooth entry from any angle plus a frosted surface finish for maximum curb appeal!

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7 stars

fits well and does what it was designed for

Fits into curb contour well for slanted curbs. Does what it was designed for and the ride into the driveway is very smooth now. Wish they had them in concrete color without painting them though.
Verified Purchase


good Christmas gift – wife loves it

I previously purchased the 12 ft set for my business because my team was complaining about scuffing their cars just getting to work. Some had even resorted to street parking. Everyone was pretty happy with the ramp so I got an 8 footer for the house and the wife loves it. It made for a nice Christmas gift too. Thanks Curb Ramp!
Verified Purchase


This product did a good job to level out the rain gutter at the end of my driveway

This product did a good job to level out the rain gutter at the end of my driveway. It’s a much more comfortable ride over the curb now with my car and motorcycle. I bolted them down to the curb so they don’t move around. Took about 20 minutes. It comes with the bolts to secure them together and to the curb but you need a drill though for the initial holes in the curb. Other than that, just hammer it down and tighten it with a wrench. Overall good product and pleased with the purchase.
Verified Purchase


It’s a much smoother ride over the curb now

I knew I needed to do something when I busted the spoiler on my car coming in too fast at the wrong angle at our new home. My wife’s got a little Jetta and can just see it coming so I went ahead and bought these. I figure they’ll pay off in the long run. It’s a much smoother ride over the curb now and I can come in straight on so it’s definitely worth the investment not to have to worry about it anymore.
Verified Purchase


I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality and budget-friendly solution

I was pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective these ramps were, especially when compared to the expense of concrete work. They have proven to be resilient over time and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality and budget-friendly solution.
Verified Purchase


Heavy duty and appear to be very durable

Heavy duty and appear to be very durable. The bolts were a pain but I am satisfied with the product so far.
Verified Purchase


It creates easy access to our driveway without scraping our car

Overall great product! We have 3 bolted together and it creates easy access to our driveway without scraping our car. They were out of stock when I ordered the extension piece so it took a little longer for the 3rd piece to arrive, but other than that I am please with the product and customer support I received.
Verified Purchase


Perfect for the end of the driveway

It works perfect for my bimmer getting over the dip in my driveway. We bought two, which is enough for us, even though three would cover the whole driveway entrance. Very satisfied and highly recommend.
Verified Purchase


Worth the extra dough in my opinion to go with the full length set

I ordered the 8 ft and really like the product so I decided to get the middle piece just to make things a little more convenient driving in and out. Worth the extra dough in my opinion to go with the full length set.
Verified Purchase


these curb ramps have been a game-changer for navigating unfamiliar driveways and curbs

As a frequent traveler with a low-profile vehicle, these curb ramps have been a game-changer for navigating unfamiliar driveways and curbs. They are durable, easy to connect, and offer excellent traction. The only minor downside I’ve experienced is that they are relatively heavy, which can make transportation a bit cumbersome. However, once in place, they provide a solid and reliable solution. These ramps have saved me from countless potential scrapes and damages to my car.
Verified Purchase


Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 3 in