1 Gallon Adhesive

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Note: Each kit comes with 1 gallon of adhesive already, which is sufficient for the compound mix. Additional adhesive can be purchased here for top coating your ramp. Please see below for instructions, Safety Data and more information.



More Information

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to help reinforce the surface of the ramp for longevity and protection from tire friction. Wait until the ramp has dried before applying. For the best coverage, we recommend using a paint roller to apply the sealant. Note: Do not use the entire gallon for top coating. Apply a thin layer only.

Storage: Store in a relatively warm place in the days/hours leading up to the installation. If its been sitting out in the cold for a while, it will become thick like molasses and difficult to work with.

WARNING: Avoid direct inhalation of vapors. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. The adhesive is very strong and does not come off easily so we also recommend wearing disposable gloves. Exercise caution to avoid leakage over unwanted areas and avoid contact with skin. If necessary, a heavy-duty industrial hand cleaner like GOJO can be used to remove from skin.