Curb Ramp™ – Driveway Ramp Install Kit

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Quick and easy to install, this driveway curb ramp installation kit is an economical solution to eliminate the bottoming out of your car when you pull in or pull out of your driveway.

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  • Create a smooth transition from road to driveway
  • Prevent car damage caused by scraping your curb
  • Fill any size or shape driveway curb gap
  • Covers ~8 ft. on standard rolled curbs
  • Mix, pour and spread for easy application
  • Make removable by using a substrate
  • Allows for waterflow under with drainage channel

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    • Each unit covers about 8 feet on standard rolled curbs with a 2 inch center gap
    • Protects car’s undercarriage from scraping and structural damage
    • Reduces wear and tear and extends the lifespan of tires
    • Create a car-friendly incline to fit driveways of any shape, any size
    • Perfect for uneven curbs, driveways, gutters, garages, sidewalks
    • Residential and business applications
    • Universal vehicle application
    • Sloped ends for approach from any direction
  • ALLOWS DRAINAGE: Water flows naturally over and around; drainage channel optional
  • REMOVABLE OPTION: Add a substrate for easy removal
    • Professionally tested in extreme cold, heat and harsh weather
    • Strong enough to support cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, forklifts
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICED: Half the cost of pre-made, non-customizable ramps

What’s included in the kit?

  • INCLUDED: Each kit comes with 40 lb premium driveway curb filler and custom binder
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: A trowel for mixing/spreading (drill mixer optional) and a paint brush for priming

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Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7 stars

So much better

Our driveway settled while our garage didn’t. We had a 3” difference, too much for one of our cars. I was hopeful when I found this product. We put it on as a ramp,
let it cure and it works like a charm. No car scraping and no more tripping. Just ordered another bag to make a ramp to the walk in door so it’s easier for my elderly in-laws to get in the house.


Awesome for Corvette owners!

High quality! I Love these ramps! My Corvette always scraped the curb. After installing the curbramps. My Corvette rides smooth. No more scraping. Customer service is excellent! Scott was very helpful with my questions. I highly recommend buying from


Worked great for my sloped driveway

Just moved into my new house and unfortunately with my addictive hobbies for low modified cars, my driveway slope was too aggressive to get in and out without scraping or damaging my my front and rear bumper. I had to resort to wooden ramps I made at home which made it a burden bringing in and out of the garage.

That is until I found I really liked the idea of forming my own ramp since my driveway is at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a awkward conformity where straight ready made ramps would not sit flush or look pleasing. I purchased 3 kits for my driveway as the slope is quite aggressive. Used a moisture/vapor barrier substrate I bought at home depot (in case my HOA wants me to remove it) and 3/4″ pvc pipe for water drainage and installed it within 3 hours (prepping driveway and taking our time) with a friend. It worked out so well! Now I can throw away my make shift ramps and not spend more of my time trying to leave my home. I just ordered another kit to make some areas even with the rest of the ramp. Such a great product and totally pleased!


Fixing the drop off the driveway installer left

We had our driveway replaced just over a year ago. It was a major endeavor, was quite costly but it looked great. There’s just one problem, the driveway is too tall. There’s a 4″ drop from the driveway to the street.

I looked at having the contractor come back out to fix it but that was costly and might not hold up (due to the narrow side of the cement they would use being prone to crack off). Then I looked at rubber ramps to add to the end of the driveway to fix the problem. That was nearly as expensive. Then I found CurbRamp.

A friend installed it (three boxes) to the end of the driveway and I was amazed at the improvement. The drop off is now gradual over 12″ making the driveway even better. It even made it comfortable for my motorcycle.

I’d recommend CurbRamp to anyone!!!

Jeff┃Franklin, TN

No More “Thrill Rides” from street to driveway!

Very pleased with the product – although we probably should have bought a 3rd box for our 2-car driveway with a 4″ lip. The application was easy and the product itself is excellent. We’ll see what winter brings…hoping for continued success!

Dave┃Lansing, MI

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 12 in