Curb Ramp™ – The #1 DIY Driveway Ramp Kit For Lowered Cars




This do-it-yourself driveway ramp kit helps prevent scraping by bridging the gap between the driveway and street for a smooth entry and exit; ideal for:

  • Low riding cars
  • Steep driveway entrances
  • Rolled AND unique shaped curbs


2 KITS COVERS 16-18 ft



More Information

Installation Video

Two kits were used to create this driveway ramp, which is 18′ long, 22″ from street to the top, and with a 2″ center gap. The amount of kits required depends primarily on the width of your driveway and depth of the curb gap. For standard regulation rolled curb gaps, a single unit of Curb Ramp™ will cover about 7-9 ft.

Note: Before priming and mixing the material with the adhesive, we strongly recommend you spread the dry material to fill your driveway curb gap to make sure you’ve ordered enough material. If covers the desired area, simply sweep the material back into the container and proceed with priming and mixing. Feel free to use the video above as a guide to help estimate how much material you might need for your own driveway.

What's Included

Each kit comes with the material you need for installation, including:

  • 40 lb bag of Curb Ramp™ driveway gap filler
  • 1 Gallon Adhesive
    • For primer, mixer, and topcoat
  • Installation Instructions

Tools Required: Trowel & Paint Brush


Note: Individual 1 Gallon Adhesive units are available for extra primer, mixture, and/or *topcoat. For more details, please refer to the Installation Instructions.

Packaging Update: To ensure the contents are not damaged en route, we now ship this product in a heavy duty 22 x 14 x 12″ double wall corrugated box.

Optional Tools: PVC Pipe (drainage), Paint Roller (top-coating), Wax Paper/Pond Liner (Removable Ramps)



The amount of kits required depends primarily on the width of your driveway and depth of the curb gap. For standard regulation rolled curb gaps, a single unit of Curb Ramp™ will cover about 7-9 ft when spread to fill the curb at a 20°-25° incline over 18-22”. A standard double car driveway 15-18′ wide with a rolled curb gap of ~2″ center depth requires approximately two (2) kits. Three (3) may be necessary depending on whether you are just filling the curb gap or creating a full ramp from the top of the curb to the street.

Street Drainage / Water Flow

To facilitate street water drainage at the end of your driveway, shape or “feather out” the ends of the ramp to help guide water safely around it. This prevents the build-up of debris so your driveway entrance remains unobstructed and allows water to easily circumvent your driveway entrance and enter back into the curb channel. In other words, don’t make a hard right angle at either end of your ramp.

Note: For deeper curb gaps, PVC pipe can be installed underneath the ramp to further aid drainage. However PVC installation is NOT recommended for standard rolled curbs gaps, as it can compromise the structural integrity of the ramp. To install a drainage pipe, simply prime the area before laying a 1.5-2″ diameter pipe laterally in the center of the curb gap. Then apply more primer to the top of the laid pipe and spread the mixed material to fill the gap as you would normally.

Removable Ramps (Optional)

How To Make Your Curb Ramp Removable:

After you perform a dry run and confirm you have enough material for your particular driveway, lay down a protective layer over the curb surface (so as not to prime the curb surface directly) and tape it down around the edges. We recommend using a durable rubber membrane, but household wax paper or pond liner should also work. Next, prime the surface of the membrane to ensure a good material bond to the laid substrate. Then, mix and apply the Curb Ramp material atop the substrate to fill the curb gap as you would normally. After 48 hours, your customized Curb Ramp should be dry enough to use. The weight of the material and underlying substrate should provide sufficient stability to keep the ramp in place. If you need to remove the ramp for any reason, you can simply lift it up and move it.

Additional Benefits

  • Can be used on vertical or squared-off curbs
  • Bonds to the curb so it stays put
  • Holds up in extreme cold and heat

More Details

  • Shape it to create a lowered-car-friendly incline to fit your unique driveway
  • Slope at the ends to approach from any direction
  • Add 1 ½” – 2 ½” PVC pipe underneath to create a channel for water to pass through
  • Strong enough for trucks, trailers, RVs to fit your needs without removal

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 12 in