A standard Curb Ramp installation creates a powerful bond between the ramp, your driveway, and the street, making it a much more permanent solution than other pre-made driveway ramps. While conveniently mobile, pre-made driveway ramps rarely fit an individual’s specific curb well. But sometimes you want a removable ramp but don’t want to compromise with an expensive, ill-fitting pre-made ramp. We’re here with your DIY solution.

Here’s how to hack your custom Curb Ramp to make it removable. In addition to a Curb Ramp kit, you’ll need either household wax paper or pond liner.

That’s it. After you perform a dry run and confirm you have enough material for your particular driveway, lay down wax paper or pond liner onto the desired area and tape it down. Prime the wax paper/pond liner. Then mix and apply the Curb Ramp material as normal. After 48 hours, your customized Curb Ramp should be dry enough to use. If you need to remove the ramp for any reason, you can simply lift it up and move it. You can peel off the wax paper/pond liner  or leave it. The weight of the Curb Ramp material should provide sufficient stability to keep the ramp in place. If you want to secure the ramp to the curb, you can use a concrete anchor.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. While the bond created during a standard Curb Ramp installation is strong enough to last decades, we understand some customers prefer the option to move their ramps. We hope you find this simple DIY solution useful. More FAQ’s >

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