Why buy Curb Ramp™?

"The #1 DIY Curb Ramp Solution For Low Cars, Steep Driveways & Rolled Curbs"

Curb Ramp™ fills the gap in your driveway gutter, creating a smooth transition from your driveway to the street without causing damage to your car. See: 5 Car Parts At Risk When You Bottom Out Over A Rolled Curb. Unlike ready-made solutions, this DIY curb ramp can be shaped to fit any size driveway curb – at half the price for the same coverage. So what are you waiting for? Save some dough and save your car. Try Curb Ramp™ today.


How many kits do I need?

The amount of material required to fill your curb gutter depends primarily on the width of your driveway and depth of the curb gap. Each unit of Curb Ramp™ covers approximately 1.33 cubic feet. For standard regulation rolled curb gaps, a single kit will cover about 7-9 ft. when spread to slope at a 20°-25° incline over 18-22”. A typical double car driveway at 15-18′ wide with a standard rolled curb of about 4″ tall requires approximately two (2) kits.

For additional information on how much product your driveway needs, see our installation information and check out our latest installation video: How To Make A Removable Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars in which two (2) full kits were installed to cover approximately 16-18 ft of a standard rolled curb driveway entrance.

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Can I remove it once installed?

Yes and no. Curb Ramp™ can be removed once installed using a floor scraper, however removing the ramp destroys the bond of the material and thus cannot be reinstalled at a later time. A re-installation would require a new kit. Curb Ramp™ is a much more permanent solution than pre-made driveway ramps. While ready-made products are more portable, they often don’t fit the gutter shape, are much more expensive and can’t be customized to fit all sized curbs.

How Make Your Curb Ramp ™ Removable:

After you perform a dry run and confirm you have enough material for your particular driveway, lay down a protective layer over the curb surface (so as not to prime the curb surface directly) and tape it down around the edges. We recommend using a durable rubber membrane like a shower pan liner, rubber roofing membrane, pond liner or similar substrate. Next, prime the surface of the membrane to ensure a good material bond to the laid substrate. Then, mix and apply the compound atop the substrate to fill the curb gap as you would normally. After 48 hours, your customized driveway ramp should be dry enough to use. The weight of the material and underlying substrate should provide sufficient stability to keep the ramp in place. Concrete bolts can also be used to fasten the ramp to your curb once the material has cured. If you need to remove the ramp for any reason, you can simply lift it up and move it.

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What substrates can be used?

We recommend using a durable rubber membrane like a shower pan liner, rubber roofing membrane, pond liner or similar substrate.

Do you have a solution to match the color of concrete curbs?

Curb Ramp™ Cement Colored Topcoat

Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement Topcoat

Yes, there are several options which can provide a durable protective coating and textured finish to customize the aesthetics of the ramp surface to your liking. After some testing and feedback from a sample group of customers, we have found that applying a final layer of Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement over the surface of the ramp while it is curing to be a satisfactory solution.

Instructions: When you finish your regular installation, and while the ramp is still curing, simply spread the powdered cement over the wet surface of the ramp and tamp it down with a trowel to absorb with the polyurethane topcoat. This works best with fresh installs, since the cement will absorb into the topmost layer of the ramp about an inch or so. When it dries you can take a blower to remove any excess cement. Note: While this works best on fresh installs before the ramp has set up, it can also work on ramps that have already hardened. In this case, you would simply topcoat the hardened surface with an extra layer of adhesive (½ gallon per kit installed) using a paint roller, then spread the powdered cement over the topcoat and tamp it down with a trowel to absorb with the topcoat. Be sure to use enough cement; when it dries you can always blow off any excess.

If you prefer paint, the finished Curb Ramp can be painted to match your driveway color. While we do not currently sell nor endorse specific paint brands, our customers have found success using a variety of paints available at their local hardware store. Simply explain to the store paint professional that you are painting an outdoor surface that most closely approximates a running track in texture and note that it will need to endure frequent traffic.

How long does it take to install?

Curb Ramp™ can be installed by one person in about an hour. The components are mixed together and will need to dry before you can drive over it. The curation period depends on the moisture and temperature of the curb surface as well as the air temperature and humidity. The material takes less time to cure in hotter temperatures. To be safe, avoid driving over it for 48 hours.

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How long does it take to cure?

It usually takes about 24 and 48 hours to set up/cure. It can be driven on once completely hardened. We recommend doing a touch test to confirm the ramp is solid after a day – the cured material will feel similar to that of a professional running track or playground surface. When in doubt, it’s probably best to wait a day. You wouldn’t want to drive over it if it’s not sufficiently firm.

Is there a minimum thickness where the ramp feathers out?

There’s not really minimum thickness. It feathers smooth where it tapers to meet the existing asphalt or concrete, but there will inevitably be a very small lip technically.

Will this bond to asphalt with the same strength as to concrete?

Yes, it will bond to asphalt with the same strength as to concrete.

Can it be applied to wet asphalt or concrete?

Priming is not recommended when the surface is wet. Some air moisture (humidity) is good for curation, but the surface of your ramp should be clean and dried before priming.

Can I add more material after it has set and dried? Will it bond?

Yes, you can. Just re-prime the area and apply more mixed material atop and it will adhere just fine.

Can this material be used for DIY molded ramps?

Yes, our product can be used to fill a ramp mold.

What do you clean the tools up with afterwards?

You can clean any tools used with Mineral Spirits or similar paint thinner.

Can you direct me to any local installers of Curb Ramp™?

Unfortunately we don’t have a network of installers nationwide, but any local landscape contractor ought to be able to apply this to your curb no problem using a trowel. Here’s a quick video of the process: DIY Curb Ramp – How To Make A Removable Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars. Please note that the removable substrate is optional.

I’m not sure if this will work for my curb; who can I speak with?

Feel free to send us a photo of your particular project using the appropriate form on the contact page and we can take a look and connect you with one of our specialists by email or phone.


What types of driveway curbs can you install this product on?

  • Rolled Curbs & Curved Cul-De-Sacs
  • Layback Curbs
  • Mountable & Square Curbs
  • Steep Driveway Approaches
  • Steep Garage Approaches
  • Driveway Straddling

Have a question about whether Curb Ramp™ will work in your situation? Send us a photo!

How does it compare to other driveway ramps?

Pre-made driveway curb ramps are significantly more expensive for the same coverage and cannot be easily adjusted to fit your curved driveway’s rolled curb. This product can be used as a driveway “curb bridge” where ready-made product simply are not going to work – whether they don’t fit the gutter shape or are too expensive for the desired coverage by volume. Bottom line? Curb Ramp™ saves you hundreds of dollars and offers the flexibility to make a custom ramp to fit the unique shape and size of your driveway entrance.

How can I be sure this will fit my particular driveway curb?

Curb Ramp™ can be spread over any sized driveway with any sized rolled curb gap to fit any slope. If you have questions or a special situation, feel free to contact us and we’ll offer our suggestion.

How does it compensate for curved curbing in cul-de-sacs?

Unlike pre-made alternatives, Curb Ramp™ can be shaped to fit any curvature at any desired slope as you spread it to fill the curb gap.

How does the ramp allow for flow of water?

The finished ramp is semi-porous, which allows for some drainage already. To further facilitate street water drainage at the end of your driveway, shape or “feather out” the ends of the ramp to help guide water safely around it. This prevents the build-up of debris so your driveway entrance remains unobstructed and allows water to easily circumvent your driveway entrance and enter back into the curb channel. In other words, don’t make a hard right angle at either end of your ramp.

For deeper curb gaps, PVC pipe can be installed underneath the ramp to further aid drainage. However, PVC installation is NOT recommended for standard rolled curbs gaps, as it can compromise the structural integrity of the ramp. To install a drainage pipe, simply prime the area before laying a 1.5-2″ diameter pipe laterally in the center of the curb gap. Then apply more primer to the top of the laid pipe and spread the mixed material to fill the gap as you would normally.

Will it keep its shape and wear correctly at thicker depths?

A finished Curb Ramp is highly durable and retains its durability and elasticity for several inches in depth.

Is Curb Ramp™ compliant with my HOA/city regulations?

The curb and gutter area is not an area that a Homeowner’s Association would normally have accountability for. Some local ordinances recommend a built-in waterway underneath. In this case, PVC pipe can be installed to allow water to drain normally, although the ramp itself is semi-pourous. Additionally, the ends can be shaped to aid in guiding excessive water flow and in eliminating the build-up of debris so your driveway entrance remains unobstructed and allows water and debris to flow smoothly along the curb. This will help maintain a good relationship with your HOA.


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Tips from past customers:

  • Ask for the section that speaks specifically about this product being banned.
  • Find out who maintains the road itself, if it was dedicated to the city for maintenance after the developer sold out, it may be considered “right of way” and they have no jurisdiction on that specific part of the road anyway. Parking was likely addressed in the original covenants, but not curb fillers, so if it is not blocking traffic or causing undue harm to the right away, well…
  • Ask them to pay to have the curb lowered to accommodate your vehicle stating they are not in compliance due to angles, height etc.
  • Give them bids for the price to do the work and recommend a schedule that works.
  • Introduce it at an open public meeting and get as many of your neighbors that agree with you to go to the meeting.


Disclaimer: When in doubt, consult your local homeowners’ association rules and regulations prior to installation to confirm compliance. We assume no liability for violations of local regulations.

Will the street sweeper mess up my ramp?

Not if Curb Ramp™ has been properly installed. The durability and bond strength of the polyurethane adhesive will hold the material together and allow street sweepers to operate without being impacted. Again, we recommend sloping the material at the ends so as to avoid unnecessary friction and clinging of the broom/bristles to the Curb Ramp™ ends.

What keeps the ramp in place during use?

The enclosed primer is used to paint the curb before spreading the mixture to ensure a good material bond to the curb surface. When the material cures, it will not shift if the primer is properly applied and the curb is installed correctly.

Can I put Curb Ramp™ on top of an existing ramp?

Yes. Curb Ramp’s chemical bond is exceptionally strong. When applying to an existing permanent ramp, we recommend you first prime your driveway, then place the rubber ramp, and finally cover the ramp with the Curb Ramp material. For removable ramps, we recommend first applying a rubber substrate and priming it before placing your rubber ramp.

What happens if someone is parallel parking in the gutter?

While Curb Ramp™ is exceptionally durable, we recommend you slope each end of Curb Ramp™ to allow easier access up and over the ends.

Will it work over a drainage grate?

Unfortunately, no. You wouldn’t be able to spread the material over the grates without the material falling through. Also, this would not comply with city regulations.

Will this work to fill in a gap between my driveway and garage? .. a 90 degree angle?

Yes, Curb Ramp can be spread to fill the gap, creating a ramp for a smoother entry.

How much maintenance is required?

This depends greatly on the amount of vehicle traffic and whether it was installed properly. When you notice visible signs of wear and tear, we’ve included additional primer that can be used to topcoat the Curb Ramp™ once a year as this will help ensure the material bond.

Weather & Longevity

Is Curb Ramp™ weather proof?

Yes. Curb Ramp was rigorously tested and has been successfully installed across the U.S. in all times of climates. When cured, the finished material is similar to a professional running track.

What is the minimum installation temperature?

Curb Ramp™ cures best in warm, humid weather, but the adhesive will still bond well in cold temperatures and is tested down to 5 degrees. When temperatures are slightly below freezing, it will take a little bit longer to cure. In preparation for the install, you’ll want to make sure the adhesive has been stored in a relatively warm environment before you try and prime and/or mix it with the material. If the can has been sitting out in the cold at those temperatures, it will be very thick – like molasses – and much harder to work with. Typically, customers in these climates will do the mixing in a heated garage, for example. If you are mixing in an enclosed space, please note that while the adhesive is low VOC, you’ll want to be sure there is some ventilation in the room to disperse fumes emitted by the polyurethane binder so as not to inhale those directly in a concentrated environment.

How does this product stand up against snow plows?

While we have not performed tests against snow plows, we also have not had any reports of ramps getting ripped up by one. When you shape or “feather out” the ends of the ramp to guide water safely around it, this also helps guide the blades of a snow plow over the top of it. However, we are not able to make any guarantees and are not responsible for damage caused by snowplows, street sweepers or other road clearing vehicles.

What about weather conditions? Like rain or wet pavement? Can it be rained on before it's dry?

Curb Ramp is water-resistant and highly durable. It has been rigorously tested and successfully installed across the U.S. in all types of climates. When cured, the finished material is similar to a professional running track.

Ideally you’ll want to wait for a clear day/span of days to install and let cure. If you get a popup shower it won’t ruin it, but lots of heavy rain would not be great for it, so it would be best to try and cover it with a tarp if possible in the event of any unexpected showers. The tarp can be folded underneath a few bricks so as to elevate it from the wet ramp surface so it doesn’t dry to it.

Is this waterproof after it dries or will it absorb moisture?

A finished Curb Ramp is water resistant, not fully waterproof. While most water (e.g. street drainage) will flow over or around the ramp, it will absorb small amounts of moisture and discards it through evaporation.

At what temperatures can it be used?

Installation is best in warm temperatures, but can be installed at any temperature, ideally above freezing. If it’s real cold there, just make sure the adhesive stays warm up to the point of installation. If it’s been sitting out in the cold for some time it will be like molasses and harder to spread/mix.

How long will it last?

Curb Ramps are highly durable. Depending on the severity and fluctuations of weather, they can last for years without needing any aesthetic and/or structural repairs. The first Curb Ramp was installed 15 years ago and just received some minor aesthetic repairs and a new paint job. That being said, Curb Ramp™ assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project.

Will it crack/break up the ramp if I dragged/removed it daily?

A finished removable Curb Ramp is highly durable. If properly installed and properly handled, a removable Curb Ramp should retain its structure for a considerable amount of time, although Curb Ramp™ assumes no liability, expressed or implied of the handling or mishandling of ramps under such circumstances.

Orders & Processing

Do you ship outside the US? Alaska, Hawaii, PR?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside the continental US.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

How do you protect my credit card information?

At Curb Ramp™ we take your online protection very seriously and have taken the necessary measures to ensure your data safety and privacy by using SSL technology and PayPal’s secure payment gateway to protect your private information. PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud. Your credit card information is never stored by Curb Ramp™.

Do I need to have an account to place an order?

No. You do not need to register an account to checkout.

What if I don't have a PayPal?

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay using a credit or debit card.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel an order, please contact us ASAP. In keeping with the very best customer service, we’ll do our best to cancel your order and issue a refund. If your order was already processed, however, normal return policies apply.

What happens if I need to return or exchange my ramp?

Please contact us and let us know the reason for return. We work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied, and in many cases we are able to correct whatever problem you are having with your Curb Ramp™.

If for some reason we can not satisfy your concerns, we will work with you to get your a refund as quickly as possible. Please note that we do not accept returns on used kits. You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Curb Ramp™ within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Should we accept the return, the buyer is required to pay for its return.

What if the ramp is broken or damaged during shipping?

Curb Ramp™ ships in durable cardboard boxes including the gallon can of adhesive. Damage to the box is no cause for alarm. However, if the can containing the primer and adhesive have been compromised (i.e. broken, damaged or otherwise leaking) there may be an issue.

If for some reason there is a leak and the material has been compromised you must notify the shipping company immediately and file a report. Please also send us this information including a copy of the report so we can use it to process your refund. Feel free to use the form on the contact us page.

Do you offer a warranty?

As with any do-it-yourself product, we cannot assume liability as to the workmanship of any particular project and therefore cannot offer a blanket warranty policy. However, we strive to ensure every customer enjoys a positive experience and work with customers to get them what they need to successfully complete their ramp and ensure its longevity.

What is the cost per kit?

You can find up-to-date pricing including limited-time discounts and specials on the Shop page.

Product Specifications

What is this product made of?

Curb Ramp is made from a custom mix of recycled compounds, with the finished product most closely approximating a running track.

What keeps it together?

Curb Ramp™ is sealed with a polyurethane-based adhesive providing exceptional bond strength. This solidifies the compound to the curb and prevents it from shifting.

What is the adhesive?

The adhesive is a commercial grade solvent-free, moisture curing, one-component, polyurethane binder. Heavy duty stuff! For chemical specifications and safety data please contact us.

Customer Service

What are your CS hours?

Our customer service line is open weekdays 9 am – 5 pm EST. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

What if I want to talk to a real person about my order?

For all inquires including shipping tracking and installation questions please use the appropriate form on the contact page. For specific installation questions, or if you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, please also contact us here first and we will get you set up with one of our specialists.