How To Install A Drainage Channel Under Your Curb Ramp

If you plan on installing a drainage channel underneath your ramp, this article will help guide you through our recommended process. First, decide whether you want to make your ramp removable using a substrate.

What You’ll Need:


Construction Glue

Installing a Drainage Channel

1. After you have cleaned the curb to remove all dirt, lay the substrate over the top of the drainage channel to cover the curb gap from the top of the curb to the bottom of the gutter.

2. Lay pipe or channel in the middle of the curb gap, where water flows naturally. Use construction adhesive to anchor the tube to the substrate.

3. Mix the Curb Ramp material with about ¾ of the enclosed adhesive using a trowel or drill mixer. The granules should be *fully coated, but the mix should not be too “soupy”. Do not use the entire gallon for mixing, as a pint or so is recommended for priming.

4. Prime the membrane surface with a thin layer of the remaining adhesive.

5. Spread the mixed material from the top of the curb to the bottom of the curb gutter to fill the curb gap. Shape at the desired angle to best fit your curb to achieve optimal vehicle clearance. For a smooth transition, a 25° angle can be used as a good starting point.

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