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Car ramp kit for steep driveway solutions to prevent scraping car undersideHeavy-duty car ramp for steep inclines to avoid scraping bottom

Clearance Guard 2 Pack Rubber Curb Ramp: Fix Steep Driveway and Prevent Car Scraping / Straddling

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Introducing ClearanceGuard™, the ultimate solution for a smooth and worry-free descent from your steep driveway! Precision-designed and crafted from high-quality rubber, this innovative product tackles the challenges of driveway straddling and car bottoming out, ensuring a seamless driving experience. Say goodbye to constant undercarriage scraping and damage. By strategically placing ClearanceGuard™ at the critical point in your driveway, it provides the extra clearance needed to glide effortlessly over steep descents. To further enhance your ClearanceGuard™ experience, explore our compatible 20×20 inch rubber pads that can be used to add an extra inch of clearance beneath the ramps. Invest in your car’s well-being and peace of mind – get your ClearanceGuard™ and compatible pads today!

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