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Heavy-duty car ramp for smooth driveway navigation

CurbMaster EasyMount Driveway Curb Ramps


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Eliminate car scraping on rounded or rolled curbs with our precision-engineered CurbMaster™ EasyMount Driveway Curb Ramps. These heavy-duty rubber curb ramps ensure a smooth ride over your driveway curb while protecting your vehicle’s underside, alignment, and suspension. To secure the ramps, position them as desired and then drill 1/4-inch holes for the concrete anchors. Insert the anchors and tighten them using a socket wrench. Alternatively, you can use construction adhesive if you prefer not to drill.

Please take note that when selecting the quantity below, ‘1’ represents a single ramp measuring 48″L x 16″W x 2.6″H, while ‘2’ signifies two individual ramps, rather than one set or two sets, etc.