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The best solution I found

I love my ramp. First, I used a steel plate. It made so much noise every time someone use my driveway as a turn around point and whenever I drove my 911 over it. It’s been down for a year, with some of the worse rain and hottest summer we’ve had in years. It was easy to install. I just ordered another bucket of glue so that I can change the color from black to something close the the color of the sidewalk by putting down the glue and sprinkling light coat of cement over it. I love how easy it is to work with.

Michael┃Oakland, CA

My wife likes it better now

One of the cans of adhesive leaked en route and made a mess inside the box. They sent me a replacement, but they could do a better job of stressing just how strong that stuff is. I got some on my garage floor and can’t get it up. I will tell you, you don’t want to get it anywhere unintended – garage, hands, etc. That said, my wife likes it better now backing out of our steep driveway in her van because it no longer scrapes. But she didn’t have to “mess” with the installation part, so overall mixed feelings here.

Don┃Hunterville, NC

I am pleased with the overall quality

Before I had my ramp my car would scrape all the time, now it doesn’t. I am pleased with the way it looks and the overall quality. This is a solid product and I would recommend it to a neighbor.

Stuart┃Roanoke, VA

Anybody could install it, including my mom

I have a work truck and a yellow 98’ Mustang. I found “the bump” at the end of my driveway really annoying for both, but with the stang in particular I just got tired of having to go in and out really slowly at an angle and always worrying about scraping. This stuff was easy for me to install having worked in construction, but I imagine just about anybody could do it, including my mom. S/O to Scott at support for going out of his way to help me with material estimates and providing excellent customer service.

Dan┃Alpharetta, GA

Well worth the investment

This ramp is great! Quality of the finished product is great and you simply cannot beat the price when comparing this ramp to others that cost 10x. I have a low profile car and it comes up and down this ramp with ease. Highly recommend.

Josh┃Spokane, WA

I would recommend this product

I’ve ordered Curb Ramp on 2 separate occasions. The first to fill in my driveway curb, the second to patch a hole in my cul-de-sac. So far this stuff holds up really well on both accounts. I would recommend this product in both situations.

Steve┃Milwaukee, WI

Great product and customer service

This is a great product; however we had issues early on with the product flaking up from the curb a bit. We contacted curb ramp. They stood behind their product and sent us a patch kit to fix our curb. We are very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it!

Lori┃Brighton, CO

So much smoother

Got Curb Ramp a few weeks ago and installed it this past Sunday. So much smoother! Thanks!

Anthony┃Seattle, WA

I am satisfied with the way things turned out

Last time I visited my mechanic I told them about my driveway curb and had them check underneath my car for any damage to the bumper caused by scraping. Indeed there was and he said it was also causing alignment issues. I found this product in an attempt to save on future repairs. I don’t have much experience with a trowel, but the material was easy enough to mix and shape. I used a drill paint mixer to mix. I am pretty picky about the way things look so I used painter’s tape to get clean lines around the edges and that worked well. I haven’t had to visit my mechanic in a while and I think it looks alright so I am satisfied with the way things turned out.

Thomas┃Walla Walla, WA

My car no longer bottoms out on the curb

My final ramp ended up being pricier than I anticipated with the added membrane and drainage pipe, but it was still much cheaper than the heavy duty rubber ramps I found on Amazon. I ended up using the recommended substrate in case I needed to remove it for any reason and an aluminum rectangle tube for drainage. After three months, so far so good. Water seems to be draining underneath and I haven’t had to move it for any reason. Not to mention my car no longer bottoms out on the curb. I am satisfied with the investment.

Jon┃Roswell, GA

This has made our driveway entrance much smoother

My wife and I both own low cars, and this has made our driveway entrance much smoother. Two boxes covered our 16 ft driveway and ran us $240 total with shipping. All and all we are happy with it and it saved us about $300 had we bought 4 sections of the alternate rubber ramp we were looking at.

Kevin┃Asheville, NC

Easy to shape to fit my curb and looks really good

Most curb ramps I’ve come across are ridiculously expensive so I was wondering if there were any cheaper solutions out there. I found this product on Google and called them up and talked to them about my driveway situation. They did the math and assured me that two kits would be enough. The material was easy to shape to fit my curb and looks really good! My wife loves it and my Benz does too 🙂 The Curb Ramp guys followed up two months later to make sure I was satisfied with the ramp. That kind of customer service is rare!

Ron┃Orlando, FL

I put it in over 2 years ago and it still looks the same

I drive a 2006 Mustang GT and my driveway has a steep hill. My car always use to scrape when I backed out of the driveway. After it messed up my steering and bumpers I started looking into solutions. The pre-made rubber curb ramps were too expensive so I decided to try Curb Ramp and install it myself. It took about an hour and a half and cost me a lot less than the alternatives. I put it in over 2 years ago and it still looks the same as it did the day I installed it. I have no doubt that I’ve made my money back when you consider the amount I would have paid to get my axle re-aligned and new tires/ shocks, so I’d say it was definitely worth the investment.

Matt┃Marietta, GA

Well worth it

My neighborhood has round curbs so I have to be extremely careful every time I enter and exit his driveway with my low ride height. I looked at a few pre-made rubber ramps, decided I didn’t feel like dropping $400, bought some Curb Ramp and installed it myself. They included gloves and brush and everything except the trowel but well worth it to save $200 if you ask me.

Brian┃San Diego, CA

My neighbor ordered some after they saw mine

I had my landscaping crew install Curb Ramp and two days later my neighbor ordered some –  they installed it for him too!

Jay┃Jacksonville, FL

Alternative uses

We have found that Curb Ramp has several other uses. We raise existing sunken flat work like sidewalks that abut an asphalt driveway. Often the owner replaces the driveway then wants us to raise the walk to meet the level of the drive. After the lift, there is a”V” shaped gap between the walk and the driveway. Curb Ramp is a much better filler than cold patch asphalt. We have also been asked to fill in the low spots on an asphalt drive that commonly appear by the lip of the garage floor. Handicap ramps can be constructed with Curb Ramp and you can saw cut small perpendicular groves to give the surface traction. Forest preserves and park districts have inquired about using it to eliminate trip hazards along trail paths. In general small area asphalt repair is faster and cheaper with Curb Ramp.

Darrell┃Carol Stream, IL

They should still sell it as a single package

I only ordered 1 kit and it wasn’t enough so I had to order another before I could install the ramp. I see it says on the site that a 2 car driveway would probably require 2 kits but I think they should still sell it as a single package because most people have 2 car driveways. Customer service was helpful though so keep that up.

Kerri┃Lester, AL

Great for when you have kids

After looking and looking at premade driveway ramps that would not fit my curb I came across Curb Ramp. I just made my second ramp (I used a metal paint mixer powered by a drill this time) and that made it a lot easier to mix. It is so nice just gliding onto the driveway now, especially when the kid is asleep in the back of the car. The only “issue” is having to remember everyone else does not have a driveway ramp.

Seth┃Littleton, CO

I plan on installing (another) one at the lake house

I collect classic cars but have trouble getting out of my driveway when I take some of them out. Until I installed curb ramp, my Fiat 124 Spider could barely make it out of the garage. Now I can smoothly get my baby onto the road. I plan on installing one at the lake house to future-proof.

Tim┃Orlando, FL

A great company to do business with

A good product and really a great company to do business with.

Andy┃Birmingham, AL

Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up! Made in the USA too. Cheers.

Bill┃St. Paul, MN

Would recommend hiring a local handyman

My dad injured his back at work. I had some local boys install this ramp to make his car jolt less pulling in and out of the driveway. I can’t stop him from driving himself around, but at least his car won’t bounce around as much and cause him pain. Would recommend hiring reliable kids or a local handyman if you don’t want to install it yourself.

Ben┃Euless, TX

A simple DIY solution

A simple DIY solution that’s easy to install.

Jill┃Charlotte, NC

Lets you go a lot faster in & out of your driveway

Curb Ramp lets you go a lot faster in & out of your driveway without rattling your fender. That’s why I got it.

Parker┃Newark, NJ

Simple as that!

Does the job. Just mix the material and spread it out over the curb gap. Simple as that! Jon @ customer support was very helpful too. I called the 800# literally as I was installing it and they walked me through the process right then and there. Good stuff!

Brent┃Dallas, TX

Wish I’d found this sooner

After I moved into my new place, I had to fix my suspension (among other things) on my BMW twice before I ordered a couple kits. Wish I’d found this sooner. Two kits plus the removable liner and metal drain still worked out to be cheaper than the driveshaft replacement alone. Worth every penny.

Brandon┃Los Angeles, CA

I used to scratch the bumper but this product fixed that

I wanted to protect my Audi’s new paint job so I installed curb ramp on my driveway. I used to occasionally scratch the bumper of my car because my driveway is pretty steep but this product fixed that. 5-star!

Craig┃Macungie, PA

Good ramp but a bit of a hassle for me

Overall I am very happy with my new curb ramp but I do have some complaints. I had to go to Lowe’s to buy paint to match the color of the ramp to my driveway and wish that had been included in the kit. Also when I installed it I got a piece of the ramp stuck to my boot and it dried on there and I had to really work pretty hard to remove it. Good ramp but a bit of a hassle for me.

Randy┃Valdosta, GA

Better than paying for new shocks

I dig the look of my new curb! Made my ramp removable so I can pull it into the yard on street sweeping days. My only complaint is the shipping cost. Better than paying for new shocks though, that’s for sure.

Gabriel┃Santa Clarita, CA

We made it work

Two young engineering students beginning a masters found the product and said it would help solve their problem. I agreed. They seem content with the results, but what I liked was that someone from the company contacted me regarding the delivery address and took some extra time to make inquiries to see if I had ordered enough. I hadn’t, BUT we made it work; the customer service was very good.

Catherine┃West Lafayette, IN

I don’t have to worry about messing up my new car

I used to cringe every time I backed out of my driveway because I knew the scrape was coming.. I bought Curb Ramp and had my husband lay it down 😉 He said it was a piece of cake! It works great and I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about messing up my new car every time I leave for work and come home — highly recommend!

Susan┃Overland Park, KS

Holds up well

My neighbor tried filling in their curb with concrete about two years ago and now it’s crumbling all over the place. This stuff looked like it would hold up well and it does!

David┃Dunwoody, GA