Curb Ramp For Driveways – 3 Piece Expandable Set – Heavy Duty Car Ramp


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Enter and exit your driveway with ease without scraping your car with this full-length driveway curb ramp. Features a built-in water channel for street drainage and stylish frosted surface.

While this stands as our top-tier model, meticulously crafted for unrivaled performance and exceptional quality, if you’re exploring budget-friendly alternatives, we recommend the CurbMaster Pro or Pioneer Series. These options offer remarkable value, share the same specifications, and include built-in mounting holes for secure curb anchoring. The main difference lies in the surface texture and tapered ends, as this model features sloped/tapered ends for convenient entry from both sides, setting it apart from the others. Additionally, these alternatives are also sold individually, while our top-tier model is exclusively available as a 3-piece set.

  • Ramp size(s): 48.0’’x 16.0’’ x 2.6’’ │ 12 ft total
  • Includes all necessary parts for effortless assembly
  • Can be securely attached to the curb using either adhesive or concrete anchors

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Need further assistance? Share your photos with us at, and our team will assist you in finding the ideal ramp or mix-and-match solution customized to your needs. Rest assured, we’ll honor any current deals upon receiving your message.

Full Length Home Driveway Curb Ramp Set

Enter And Exit With Ease Without Scraping

Product Highlights

  • Wearproof & Water Resistant
    • Made from a unique combination of recycled and premium virgin rubber specifically designed to withstand heavy vehicle traffic
  • Allows For Street Water Drainage
    • Doesn’t disrupt street waterflow
  • Frosted Surface For Optimal Curb Appeal
    • Beautifully designed, Curb Ramp™ is as visually appealing as it is functional
  • Practical, Adaptable and Cost-Effective
    • Can be placed together or apart, as well as secured to the with a simple modification

A Solution For Low Cars and Steep Driveways

This best-selling car ramp provides smooth access for lowered cars over steep curbs.


  • Set of 3 Premium Driveway Curb Ramps
  • Marine Grade Rubber
  • 12 Feet Coverage Connected
  • Aesthetic Frosted Surface Design
  • Tapered Ends For Smooth Entry From The Sides
  • Angled Surface Grooves For Better Water Runoff
  • Permanent Mounting Optional with Modification
  • Used for Rolled and Other Steep Driveway Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks

Durable & Aesthetic Quality Design

This premium curb ramp for driveways protects your car from damage with exceptional longevity and curb appeal.



For easy installation
Driveway Curb Ramp - Drainage Channel


For waterflow underneath
DriveSmooth™ DualEntry Driveway Curb Ramps (2)


For better entry at any angle

The Highest Quality Designed Ramps For Driveway Curbs


  • Universal Vehicle Application
  • 22,000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Built-In Water Drainage Channel Underneath
  • Aesthetic Frosted Surface
  • Groves for Optimal Tire Traction & Water Runoff
  • Integrated Holes For Connecting Together
  • Curb-Mounting Option w/ Modification

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7 stars

Good quality and heavy duty

Good quality and heavy duty.. yes, heavy. I think the carrier dropped them a few times judging by the look of the box when it arrived but the ramps surprisingly didn’t have any damage. They are very sturdy and I like the way they look. Oh and btw most importantly they WORK! No more scraping 🙂
Verified Purchase


good Christmas gift – wife loves it

I previously purchased the 12 ft set for my business because my team was complaining about scuffing their cars just getting to work. Some had even resorted to street parking. Everyone was pretty happy with the ramp so I got an 8 footer for the house and the wife loves it. It made for a nice Christmas gift too. Thanks Curb Ramp!
Verified Purchase


Thanks to these driveway ramps, I no longer have to worry about scraping the underside of my vehicle

I own a lowered car, and navigating over curbs used to be a nightmare. Thanks to these driveway ramps, I no longer have to worry about scraping the underside of my vehicle. They are durable, easy to connect, and provide excellent traction. I’m a happy customer 🙂 Thanks again for all the help, Scott!
Verified Purchase


Makes the wife happy

According to my wife, these ramps were better than anything else I got her last year for Christmas. Her minivan would scrape every time she backed down the driveway. Going up she was ok, but backing down she would scrape real bad on the curb and it drove her nuts. She’s happy now so I’m happy with the purchase. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life!
Verified Purchase


I bought these for my driveway because my Miata was scraping

I bought these for my driveway because my Miata was scraping at our new home. I think they look good and they work great. They are very heavy but that’s a good thing once they’re down. I screwed them to the curb with the bolts and they aren’t going anywhere. My neighbor will probably get some too.
Verified Purchase


It’s versatile, well-designed, and offers great value for the price

I needed a ramp to help me load my motorcycle onto a trailer, and this product fit the bill perfectly. The ramp is sturdy, and the anti-slip surface keeps my bike secure during loading and unloading. It’s versatile, well-designed, and offers great value for the price. Highly recommended for motorcycle enthusiasts!
Verified Purchase


Worth the extra dough in my opinion to go with the full length set

I ordered the 8 ft and really like the product so I decided to get the middle piece just to make things a little more convenient driving in and out. Worth the extra dough in my opinion to go with the full length set.
Verified Purchase


Very sturdy

These ramps are great. It’s been about 6 months now and they’re holding up really well. Very sturdy and they fix the bump as advertised. My neighbor is ordering a couple too. Cheers.
Verified Purchase


These ramps have given me peace of mind

These ramps have given me peace of mind. No more worrying about damaging my car or scraping the curb. It’s a well-designed and effective solution. I highly recommend it to all homeowners with steep curbs!
Verified Purchase


these curb ramps have been a game-changer for navigating unfamiliar driveways and curbs

As a frequent traveler with a low-profile vehicle, these curb ramps have been a game-changer for navigating unfamiliar driveways and curbs. They are durable, easy to connect, and offer excellent traction. The only minor downside I’ve experienced is that they are relatively heavy, which can make transportation a bit cumbersome. However, once in place, they provide a solid and reliable solution. These ramps have saved me from countless potential scrapes and damages to my car.
Verified Purchase


Additional information

Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 5 in