RampFlex Rubber Threshold Ramp for Driveways, Doorways – Enhance Car, Mobility Scooter Access


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This rubber threshold ramp is an ideal solution for secure and efficient pass-by of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and even cars. With dimensions of 42″L x 24″W, three height options and a load capacity of up to 2200 lbs, this ramp is designed for doorways, garages and even driveway curbs and has a grooved slip-proof surface, a 3-channel cord cover, and beveled edges. It is made of heavy duty recycled rubber, which is corrosion-resistant and durable for all seasons and climates.

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Threshold Ramp – Car, Wheelchair, Scooter

Perfect For Driveways, Garages, Doorways & More

Multi-purpose ramp for easy navigation in driveways

Ramp Overview

Designed to provide enhanced car access and facilitate easy driveway maneuvers, this robust rubber ramp is perfect for smooth passage over straight curbs and steep driveway inclines. While it’s an exceptional solution for wheelchair, scooter, and walker accessibility, it goes the extra mile by accommodating cars as well. With a 2.5″ rise height and a remarkable weight capacity of 11,000 lbs, this versatile ramp is suitable for a range of needs. Equipped with a dependable slip-proof strip, it ensures not only safety for wheelchair users but also peace of mind for car transitions.

RampFlex™ is designed with a grid structure at the base, ensuring stability and preventing slipping. This versatile ramp is also suitable for use in various locations such as balconies, bathrooms, doorsteps, gardens, and even industrial areas. It is easy to assemble with no tools required. Finally, it has three different sizes of channels (L x H): 0.8 x 1.2″; 1 x 1.2″; 1.2 x 1.2″, allowing you to choose the right size channel if you need cables to pass underneath.

A Durable, Lightweight Ramp with a Gentle Angle & Tread Surface

To ensure your family’s safety, the ramp is equipped with a slip-resistant strip, which minimizes the risk of accidents. The ramp is also lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. The ramp’s grid structure at the base provides stability, preventing slips and falls.

Key Features

Steep Incline Driveway Curbs, Garage & Door Access

This is a ramp designed to provide secure and efficient access over uneven ground, particularly for those who have difficulty accessing a home – whether by vehicle or wheelchair.

Water/Cable Channel

It has a 2.5″ rise and is equipped with a 3-channel cord cover measuring 42″L x 24″W, allowing for safe passage of water, wires, cables, and hoses without damage from car or scooter wheels.

Durable Traction Surface

The ramp is made of durable, non-slip, and rust-proof recycled rubber with a grooved tread surface for superior traction.

Dual-use ramp for seamless entry in driveways and commercial entries
Rubber ramp for improved scooter & motorcycle clearance

Heavy Load Capacity

With a load capacity of 11,000 lbs, it can support not only wheelchairs and scooters, but even cars and trucks, making it an ideal choice for access ramps in various locations, including homes, driveways, gardens, garages and barns.

Easy to Install

The ramp is easy to assemble and dismantle with no tools required, and it is lightweight, making it a suitable solution for both semi-permanent and portable access needs.

Looking for something similar? Check out our 2 piece rubber threshold ramp set for straight curbs available in 3 different sizes – 4.3”, 5” & 6″ rise height. This adaptable curb ramp is suitable for diverse environments, including curbs, driveways, garages, loading docks, parking lots, and shed entrances. It allows the passage of vehicles and equipment, including hand trucks, forklifts, dollies, heavy-duty commercial vehicles to traverse straight curbs.

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Latest Reviews

Average Rating: 4.1 stars

they’ve made a noticeable difference

My husband got these for our driveway, and they’ve made a noticeable difference. No more worrying about damaging the car. Happy with the purchase.


I appreciate the peace of mind they offer

These ramps were a simple solution to my problem. They do what they’re supposed to do, and I appreciate the peace of mind they offer while driving.


No more stressing about curbs or driveway bumps

These ramps are a game-changer for my low-profile sports car. No more stressing about curbs or driveway bumps. Worth every penny.


good product, limited color options

It’s a good product, but I wish it came with more color options to match the driveway aesthetics. Functionality-wise, it’s great.


They’ve saved my car’s undercarriage from damage

These ramps are quite sturdy and easy to install. They’ve saved my car’s undercarriage from damage on my uneven driveway. Good investment.


customer support was helpful in guiding me

I had a hard time finding the right size for my driveway, but customer support was helpful in guiding me. The ramps work well now. Thanks Scott & Jon!


they work like a charm

These ramps are versatile and effective. I bought different heights to create a smooth entry into my garage, and they work like a charm.


good ramps, unclear installation instructions

The ramps are nice, but the installation instructions could be clearer. Took me a while to figure it out.


did the job for my steep driveway

The ElevateDrive Curb Ramps did the job for my steep driveway. No more scraping sounds when I pull in. Happy with the purchase.


My garage entrance is now much smoother

The price seemed a bit high to me, but they work as described. My garage entrance is now much smoother, and I haven’t had any scrapes.


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42"L x 24"W x 2.5"H, 42"L x 24"W x 3"H, 42"L x 24"W x 4"H