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Curb Ramp Box - Driveway Ramp For Lowered Cars



The material estimations calculator is intended to help, but not serve as an exact measurement. Every driveway is different in size, shape, and with varying slopes and curb depths — all of which affect material estimations. The above calculations are approximate and to be used for ballpark estimates only. We recommend that you over-estimate the curb height by 1 inch in the calculator above, as this is most often what customers have trouble getting right. Most standard rolled curbs are about 4-6″ in height. Feel free to use the form on the contact us page to submit pictures of your unique driveway situation with measurements and we will give you our best estimate.

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More Info

Material Estimations

Commonly Used For

  • Cars with lowered suspension and low-slung exhaust systems
  • Steep driveway entrances that cause your car frame to scrape into the curb
  • Deep rolled curb gaps


1 kit measures 8 ft long x 16″ wide x 2 ½”  height at center when spread to fill standard rolled curb gaps.

Compare Price

Curb Bridge

$329.00 + $70 shipping for 12 ft

plus $115 + $20 shipping for an additional 4 ft

Total: $534 for 16 ft coverage

Compare to: $199.72┃$99.86/ Kit + Shipping

Save over 50% with Curb Ramp™

  • 18 ft coverage


$399.00 for 12 ft

plus $135 for an additional 4 ft

Total: $534 for 16 ft coverage

Compare to: $199.72┃$99.86/ Kit + Shipping

Save over 50% with Curb Ramp™

  • 18 ft coverage

More Details

  • Shape it to create a lowered-car-friendly incline to fit your unique driveway
  • Slope at the ends to approach from any direction
  • Add 1 ½” – 2 ½” PVC pipe underneath to create a channel for water to pass through
  • Strong enough for trucks, trailers, RVs to fit your needs without removal

Additional Benefits

  • Can be used on vertical or squared-off curbs
  • Bonds to the curb so it stays put
  • Holds up in extreme cold and heat

What's Included

Each kit comes with the material you need for installation.

  • Primer
  • Adhesive
  • 40 lb Curb Ramp™ Material

Note: The primer and adhesive comes in a single, 1 gallon can. Use 1 pint to prime the curb, mix ¾  of the gallon with the material and spread it to fill the curb gap, and then use the remaining 1 pint to top-coat the curb ramp surface after the material cures. See installation instructions for more.

Tools required:

  • Trowel
  • PVC Pipe (..optional, for water drainage..)
  • Paint Roller w/ Tray (..optional, for top-coating..)

Curb Ramp™ Outdoor Colored Surface Sealer Topcoat

to match the color of your curb!

As per customer request, we will soon be releasing an exterior paint that can be used for top coating Curb Ramp™ to match the color of your driveway and sidewalk. Curb Ramp’s outdoor colored surface sealer can also be color-matched to virtually any color curb in 1 and 5-gallon Low-VOC options. In the meantime, an easy solution you might try is spray paint. Some customers have reported success with various concrete-colored spray paints like Rust-Oleum American Accents Stone Sprays that you can pick up from any local Home Depot/Lowes for about $8.

driveway ramp

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