Driveway Guardian Curb Ramp: DIY Solution for a Smooth Ride


Experience all the benefits of our popular Curb Ramp DIY Kit, now made even easier with the Driveway Guardian ramp. No more hassle of mixing chemical adhesive!

Our Driveway Guardian features a unique blend of premium curb filler and a solid rubber surface, allowing you to create a custom ramp that matches the depth and curvature of any curb shape. The kit includes a 12-foot long and 24-inch wide solid rubber surface roll, divided into 4-foot sections, along with 2 cubic feet of our high-quality Premium Curb Filler.

With this comprehensive package, you’ll have everything you need for a seamless and convenient installation. Simply spread the material over the desired area to fill the gap and use the rubber surface to create the desired slope. The Driveway Guardian kit also includes construction adhesive specifically designed to glue the edges of the surface to the curb roll. This ensures that the material stays securely contained within your custom-sized and shaped ramp.

Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of creating your own ramp without the need for complex adhesives or mixing procedures. The Driveway Guardian makes it effortless to achieve the perfect ramp for your needs.

  • Surface Dimensions: 12 feet in length and 24 inches in width
  • Premium Curb Filler: 2 Cubic Feet

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Unleash the Power of the Driveway Guardian ™

Unmatched Protection and Comfort in Every Drive

The Driveway Guardian ramp is a refined edition of our renowned Curb Ramp DIY Kit, designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience. With the Driveway Guardian, the installation process differs from traditional methods. Instead of mixing the material with adhesive, you simply apply the dry material and install a solid rubber surface. The premium curb filler is used solely to fill the desired gap in your curb, making the process easier and more flexible.

Driveway Guardian™ Price Comparison:

  • 30% lower than CurbMaster Pro™ 12 ft ($370)
  • 35% lower than DriveSmooth™ 12 ft ($400).
  • Comparable to other kits in terms of coverage.
    • 12 ft: ~$259.95 for 2 kits.

Product Highlights

Our Driveway Guardian goes above and beyond to protect your vehicle and enhance your comfort. It prevents shifting and sliding of objects inside your vehicle, keeping everything in place. Experience a quieter and more enjoyable ride as it reduces impact on occupants, creating a peaceful atmosphere. What’s more, it saves you money in the long run by minimizing wear and tear on suspension and steering components. Your vehicle will thank you!

Experience the full range of benefits offered by the Driveway Guardian, our innovative solution that provides the advantages of a DIY kit without the need for permanent adherence to the curb. The unique aspect of this system is that only the edges are glued down, allowing for easy removal if needed by simply peeling up the edges. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the Driveway Guardian, knowing that you can adjust or remove it whenever necessary.

Versatility and Durability

Designed not only for cars and RVs but also for low-profile cars, golf carts, and scooters, the Driveway Guardian is a versatile solution. You can even incorporate drainage channels to ensure smooth water flow, eliminating any drainage concerns. Constructed from heavy-duty recycled rubber, it’s built to last and withstand the test of time. We’ve engineered it to be nearly indestructible, providing reliable performance for years to come. Upgrade your driving experience with the durable and convenient Driveway Guardian ramp.

Its unique blend of premium curb filler and solid rubber surface allows you to effortlessly create a custom ramp that perfectly matches the depth and curvature of any curb shape. No more uncomfortable jolts or annoying vibrations!



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Elevate Your Driving Experience Today!

Upgrade your driving experience today with the Driveway Guardian. Say goodbye to uncomfortable jolts and hello to a smoother, safer ride. Don’t miss out on this game-changing accessory. Order now and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free driving!

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