CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access


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Are you tired of the hassle and potential damage caused by navigating curbs and elevated surfaces when moving materials with dolly carts? Look no further! The CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access is here to simplify your material handling process and ensure the safety of your equipment.

Our top recommendation for shed and driveway access among aluminum ramps is the GlideMaster Solid Aluminum Shed Ramp 29″ L x 24″ W x 2″ H. However, if this size doesn’t precisely meet your requirements, rest assured that this ramp can be customized to better suit your needs. By flattening the lip using a bender (further details below), you can tailor it to your specific preferences.


Modifying the CurbGuard Pro Ramp for Driveway Access

Multi-use ramp for convenient navigation in driveways and loading areas

If you plan to use the CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access for driveway access and need to adjust the side ‘flaps’ to suit your specific requirements, we recommend reaching out to local metal fabrication shops, welding shops, or machine shops in your area. These professionals are well-equipped to provide custom metalwork services, including cutting or bending the metal as needed to ensure a perfect fit for your driveway. Their expertise will help you achieve the desired modifications, ensuring seamless and safe transitions for your driveway access.

To enhance the load-bearing capacity of these ramps, you might want to consider reinforcing them with sturdy pressure-treated wood or a similar material beneath their surface. This added reinforcement guarantees their ability to withstand the weight of most vehicles, with only a fraction of the vehicle’s weight placed on the ramp at any given time. For a secure and lasting installation, make sure to firmly anchor them using reliable concrete anchors. This strategic configuration not only eradicates the steep angle at the base of your driveway but also ensures that your vehicle’s front end remains free from scraping when entering the street or avoiding bottoming out when accessing your driveway. It’s a practical and effective solution that enhances the accessibility of your driveway while safeguarding your vehicle.

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Introducing the CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access

Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Material Handling

Our CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access is engineered with durability and efficiency in mind, making it the ideal solution for material handling and shipping dolly carts. Here’s what sets it apart:

Unparalleled Strength

Crafted with a robust all-aluminum construction, this shed ramp is built tough to withstand the demands of heavy-duty material handling. With a maximum capacity of 750 lbs., it can handle even the heaviest loads with ease.

Ultimate Traction

The aggressive, small punch-plate traction surface provides maximum grip in any weather condition, ensuring that your material handling remains safe and efficient, whether it’s raining, snowing, muddy, or sunny.

Driveway and commercial entry threshold ramp for vehicles, hand trucks and equipment
Heavy-duty ramp for garage and shed use

Effortless Transport

Each 20in x 20in shed ramp comes equipped with two built-in carrying handles, making it easily portable and convenient for transport. No need for heavy lifting or additional equipment

Precise Alignment

The raised side rails help keep dolly carts centered on the ramp, ensuring a smooth and secure transition. Say goodbye to wobbling or potential accidents.

Smooth Transition

The built-in attaching lip ensures a seamless transition from the ramp to the elevated curb, preventing jolts or damage to your equipment.

Versatile Usage

This portable aluminum shed ramp handles curbs up to 8 inches high, serving both drive and shed access. Whether you’re loading materials into sheds or bridging curbs, this ramp is your reliable choice.

Shed ramp for easy equipment access
Dual-function ramp for smooth transitions in driveways and shed equipment areas

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.00 x 20.00 x 1.88 inches
  • Material: All-Aluminum Construction
  • Weight Limit Capacity: 750 lbs.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the CurbGuard Pro Aluminum Ramp for Drive and Shed Access. Invest in seamless material handling and protect your equipment. Get your shed ramp today and make transitions smoother and safer than ever before.