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Rubber Threshold Ramp – Wheelchair / Scooter Ramp For Doorways – 1-4” Rise Heights Available


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This rubber threshold ramp is designed for easy and secure access to doorways and short rises for people using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and other mobility devices. The ramp is made of highly durable recycled rubber, which is resistant to corrosion and suitable for all weather conditions. The beveled sides of the ramp do not interfere with the door track, making it easy to enter doorways. The ramp also features a slip-proof strip with horizontal grooved stripes on the surface to add friction and reduce the possibility of slipping.

  • Included: 1 Rubber Threshold Ramp
  • Ramp size(s):
    • 43.3″L x 13″W x 1.5″H
    • 43.3″L x 16″W x 2″H
    • 43.3″L x 16.5″W x 2.5″H
    • 35.5″L x 18″W x 3″H
    • 35.5″L x 24″W x 4″H

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Rubber Wheelchair Ramp for Easy Accessibility | Non-Slip Surface for Use with Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters at Home, Steps, Stairs, and Doorways


Note: There is a newer version of this product available here.

This non-slip rubber threshold wheelchair ramp is designed to improve accessibility for individuals who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Measuring 40″ W x 20″ L, it can be used for home entrances, steps, stairs, doorways, and curbs. Its non-slip rubber surface provides extra traction and helps prevent slips and falls.

  • Included: 1 Rubber Threshold Ramp
  • Ramp size(s):
    • 40″L x 12″W x 1.2″H
    • 40″L x 16″W x 1.6″H
    • 40″L x 20″W x 2.0″H
    • 40″L x 24″W x 2.4″H
    • 40″L x 28″W x 2.8″H

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ShedMaster Access Ramp – The Ultimate Poly Shed Ramp for Easy Mobility


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Are you tired of struggling with cumbersome steps and curbs, making it difficult to move heavy loads, wheelchairs, or equipment? Say goodbye to these challenges with the High-Density ShedMaster Access Ramp. This versatile ramp is designed to simplify your life, offering convenience, safety, and ease of use.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 27″L x 26″W x 4″H
  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Weight Limit Capacity: 1000 pounds

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Versatile Aluminum Threshold Ramps for Vehicles and Mobility – Customizable Solutions


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Introducing our range of versatile Aluminum Threshold Ramps designed to offer accessibility solutions not only for mobility devices but also for other vehicles including golf carts. These ramps are a cost-effective alternative for enhancing home and driveway access, and their load capacity can be effortlessly reinforced with materials like wood blocks, foam, polystyrene, concrete, or our custom rubber compound underneath. This added reinforcement allows them to handle even the weight of typical vehicles, making them a valuable addition to your catalog of driveway curb ramps. Learn more >

Discover our six different size options, all featuring a 34-inch length and varying widths, with rise heights ranging from 1 to 6 inches. Select your desired size below.

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